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All images have now been moved to see below for further information. allows pictures to be either Public or Private (i.e. for Friends & Family). If you visit and without joining or logging on and make a search for Stonecutters Island, all you will see are mostly images of the new road and bridge that is being constructed to run over the Island in 2007 (plus a few other random pictures). This is because I have restricted the pictures that we have, to be viewed only by Friends for the time being.

So, to be able to see all the Stonecutters images on Flicker, you need two things.

  • You need to be a signed-up member of Flickr (with your own user name and password), this is free to do, simple and safe.
  • You need to be granted access to see our images, This is done by me sending you an email which authorises you view the images.

Both the signing-up and authorisation can be done at the same time after you have received the email from me which (for those with email spam filters) will come from either mike.mcnamara(at) or

Once this is done, you with then have full access to the images with an ability to comment, look at larger images and use many of the other features of Flickr.

Sounds complicated, not really. However, if you do get stuck or don't receive an email from me granting you access, or are a first time visitor to this site, simply send me an email to mike.mcnamara(at) and I will look into it as soon as possible.

Ongoing thanks to all for continuing to supply images for the Stonecutters Island web site - keep the pictures coming.

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